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About Supermeal

The name Supermeal is derived from two words "Super Meal".

Supermeal ( is an online food ordering service and a market place, particularly designed to bring the consumer (food lover) and restaurant under one roof.

The restaurants can place their food menus with the facility of taking online orders. Supermeal is providing free space to restaurants to host their food menus, create deals, set prices, upload photos and choose delivery areas (if they offer deliveries).

Supermeal is designed, developed and powered by WaqarTech Pvt. Ltd (, a multinational software development and outsourcing company that exports bespoke software solutions from Pakistan into Europe and rest of the world. WaqarTech Ltd. provides a complete range of IT consultancy, development, deployment and support services.

How it happened?

The idea coined in Birmingham, United Kingdom when the CEO of WaqarTech Limited wanted to invest in a different business. The CEO (Waqar Shah) started to look into promoting Asian food in Birmingham City Center by offering selected top 10 lunch and dinner items. He wanted to start the business from warehouse by promoting customer to place orders online, read reviews on food, checkout deals, therefore the business had a plan to eliminate the need for customer facing shop or restaurant.

The CEO was in talk with Birmingham City Council to allow special permit for delivery man (bikers), particularly Birmingham City Center and create jobs for people.

However, running restaurant business was outside the scope of WaqarTech services and needed very gifted and talented owner to run the business.

So the idea advanced to next level and we decided to build a hosted software service that will help existing restaurants and new startups to do what Waqar Shah wanted to do i.e. empower consumer to order food from their comfort zone.

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