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Black Friday Deals

Any Starter
Any Main Course
Rice OR Naan.

Meal Deals

2 pappadom and dips
1 chicken tikka
1 onion bhaji
2 choices on any mains curry, (exclude seafood an mix grill)
1 pilau rice
1 any choice of naan bread
4 pappadom and dips
1 chicken tikka
1 onion bhaji
1 chicken pokora
1 sheekh kebab
4 main course curry ( exclude seafood and mix grills)
2 pilau rice
2 any choice naan breads


Green mint sauce, mango chutney, sweet and spicy chilli, onion salsa

Starters To Share

An appetising range of full flavoured kebabs; including chicken and lamb, onion bhaji and tandoori king prawns
Tandoori paneer shashlik, crispy onion bhaji, spicy vegetable pakoras, garlic, pepper and mushroom stir-fry
Mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and seekh kebabs
Marinated with a touch of chefs special sauce served alongside fried onions and peppers

Meat Starters

Tender fillets of lamb stir-fried with chopped onions, green peppers, tomatoes and a hint of mustard flavour
Served on a yoghurt pot
Fine cut crisps lamb spiced and flavoured in an oriental sauce
Lean minced lamb and chopped mixed with fresh herbs and spices cooked on a skewer
Green peppers baked in the tandoor stuffed with spicy stuffing
Choice of meat, chicken OR vegetable
A boiled egg covered with spiced mince
Chunks of lamb marinated in a mild sauce cooked in tandoor with onions and tomatoes

Seafood Starters

King prawns marinated in garam masala and fresh, smoked over charcoal
King prawns marinated in South Indian paste, roasted on skewers with peppers, shallots and other crunchy vegetables served with dips and chutneys
Pan-fried king prawns in butter, spiced with green chilli and paprika
Flattered king prawns coated with mildly spiced batter and deep fried
Atlantic fresh prawns tossed with spiced soy sauce, bean sprout and mixed vegetable served on a thin fried bread

Vegetable Starters

Chunks of Indian cheese with a blend of herbs cooked in tandoor with onions and peppers
Nations favourite
Maharashtrian road side fare - vegetable samosas served with chickpeas and topped with medley of chutneys and yoghurt dip
Spicy potato stir-fried with garlic and mushroom

Chicken and Meat

On the bone marinated with mustard and spices cooked in tandoor
Succulent strips of chicken tikka stir-fried with mushroom and garlic
Classic dish marinated in yoghurt and spices baked in the tandoor
Stir-fried, spiced cubed chicken tikka, bean sprouts and vegetable served on a thin fried bread
Succulent bite size pieces of marinated chicken, in a spicy battered fried crisp
Minced chicken with chopped vegetables wrapped in a crispy pastry
Pan-fried spiced minced chicken, green chilli, onions and mortared coriander seeds cakes

Chefs Recommendation

Boneless tandoori chicken, with red peppers, bullet chilli, herbs and spices
Fairly hot dish cooked with diced onions and chilli
Medium to hot chicken tikka pieces cooked in minced meat
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka and tandoori king prawn

Signature Dishes

An exceptional curry to Mauchak, our special sauce is hot, sweet and sour
A firm favourite dish
Tandoori pieces in garlic paste
A slightly hot and spicy dish
Diced tikka pieces mildly spiced, cooked with garlic and mango
Marinated pieces cooked with a unique blend of spices and herbs, with mild minced meat sauce
Bite size pieces cooked in a creamy mild sauce with korma paste, simmered with thinly mango sauce
Unique blend of spices cooked with sweet and spicy green sauce and yoghurt
Cooked with fresh curry leaf, garlic, coriander and jalapeno to give a hot paste
Cooked with slices of onion, capsicum and tomato
Spiced with garlic and fenugreek seed with a touch of peri peri sauce
Cooked in a hot gravy flavoured with cardamom, Juliennes of red pepper and fresh ginger
This dish may be spiced OR a delicious mild dish
Mildly spiced with cream and garnished with pistachio - a characteristically rich and creamy dish
Simmered in tantalising sweet and sour butter sauce, a touch of tamarind and a hint of chilli paste - a fabulous dish
Marinated in pickled spices, simmered in a slightly hot tangy sauce with balsamic vinegar
An exceptional chicken curry in a smooth gravy, well flavoured
A firm favourite
A Bangladeshi version of chicken jalfrezi, prepared in a slightly hot red pepper sauce
A dish that needs no introduction - nations favourite
A dish that needs no introduction - nations favourite
Tender diced chicken, cooked in bhuna style lemon Bengal sauce
A citrus kick
A new bhuna style dish cooked in our authentic Bangla spices
For all masala lovers
A new take on the popular dish; mild spices cooked in our chefs special sauce and infused with a fresh tomato base
Supreme pieces of chicken breast sauteed in garlic and ginger paste, spiced with freshly ground coriander seeds, turmeric and a hint of red chilli
A very home-style dish, medium strength
Tender diced marinated, with onions, green peppers and tomatoes, skewered in the tandoor and then cooked in our chefs special sauce
Tender marinated lamb meatballs, skewered in the tandoor and then cooked in sauce with a middle Eastern twist
Stewed lamb slow cooked with wild spinach and red lentils served in a medium sauce
Diced pieces of lamb, cooked with chunks of green pepper, tomatoes and a touch of fresh ginger
Tender lamb fused with onions, fresh garlic flakes and green chillies
A dish that needs no introduction - nations favourite
Wild king prawns cooked in a medium rich sauce with onions, peppers, tomatoes, cream and Panchuli spices
Slow cooked mild dish with coconut milk, curry leaves and potatoes

Traditional Curries

Mildly spiced with ground almonds and cream
A thoroughly garnished dish with onions, capsicum, tomatoes with a touch of selected spices
Cooked with fresh spinach, a touch of garlic and spices, a medium strength dish
Robustly spiced dish with herbs, spices, cashew nuts & tomatoes - a classic dish
A popular dish cooked in a slightly hot sauce producing a hot and sour taste
Prepared with chopped green pepper and a mixed of fresh and braised onions, slightly hot taste
Cooked with lentils, spices and green herbs, touch of red pepper, a hot and sour taste
We are convinced this dish needs no introduction
Garnished with onions, tomatoes and a generous touch of fresh coriander
Cooked in chunks of onion, tomatoes, pepper and a touch of fresh ginger
Tandoori baked, prepared in a sweet butter sauce, flavoured with fenugreek and fresh coriander
Cooked with onions and green peppers, together with a dozen spices and green herbs
A carefully thought out dish for the discerning palate
Hot enough, to convince anyone that up market does not mean bland
A carefully thought out dish for the discerning palate
Hot enough, to convince anyone that up market does not mean bland
Extremely hot

Biryani Dishes

Basmati rice fused with chicken, served with a vegetable sauce OR tarka daal topped off with an omelette
Basmati rice fused with lamb, chicken and king prawn served with a vegetable sauce OR tarka daal topped off with an omelette

Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, shish kebab and tandoori king prawn
Served with fresh salad and a plain naan

English Dishes


Served with chicken, meat and prawns
Served with sliced chicken tikka, peas, egg and garnished with soya sauce
Served with peas and eggs

Side Orders

Cooked in light spices
French beans lightly spiced
Aubergines stir-fried in cumin and garam masala
Aubergines and potatoes stir-fried in cumin and ground coriander
Lightly sauteed with cumin, red chilli, fresh herbs and spices
Crispy fried okra and caramelized onion tempered cumin seeds and lightly spiced
Stir-fried spinach with tempered spices cooked with cottage cheese
Spinach and chickpeas
Potatoes and spinach
Potatoes and cauliflower
Chickpeas cooked in a piquant gravy sauce with ginger
A rainbow of crunchy garden vegetables with a citrus dressing

Naan Breads

Leavened bread freshly cooked in tandoori oven
Unleavened wholemeal bread cooked in clay oven
Unleavened wholemeal bread cooked on a tawa
Filled with spiced minced meat
Filled with almonds, sultanas, glazed cherries laced with honey
Leavened bread cooked with ghee
Naan with fresh garlic paste
Delicate puffy yoghurt bread



Wine and Champagne

Bright, sunshiny white with layers of peach and vanilla flavours
Red fruits with a gentle touch of sweetness
Super-ripe, packed with sunny flavours of sweet blackcurrants and plums

Beer, Lager and Cider



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About Mauchak
At Mauchak restaurant & takeaway located on Mauchak 105 Holyhead Road Kelley, Telford, Telford and Wrekin Staffordshire TF1 5DJ, offers meals prepared at your request. Browse their menu in the comfort of your home, or even on the train, if ordering via the Supermeal App. Simply fill your order basket with whatever tickles your fancy and decide how you would like to pay. Don't forget to let us know if you enjoyed your meal and Supermeal experience by leaving a review. Bon appetite!

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