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Pizza Deals

08 inch Pizza
Can of drink

12 inch Pizza
08 inch Garlic bread with cheese
2 x Chips
1.5L bottle

16 inch Pizza
12 inch Garlic bread with cheese
2 x chips
1.5L Bottle

20 inch pizza
12 inch Garlic bread with cheese
3 x chips
1.5L bottle

Chicken Platters

Half chicken
3 wings
2 sides
Can of drink

Whole chicken
3 Wings
3 Strips
2 Sides
Can of drink
12 Wings
2 Sides
Bottle of drink

12 Strips
2 Sides
Bottle of drink

2 Whole chicken
5 Wings
5 Strips
4 Sides
2 Bottle of drink


Cheese and tomato

Mixed tomato and garlic base, fresh tomato and fresh basil

Ham and pineapple

Chicken and sweetcorn

Ham and mushrooms

Mushroom, onion, sweetcorn, peppers and olives

Fresh chilli, onion, jalapeno and peppers

Sweet peppers, olives, mushroom, fresh tomato and fresh basil

Spicy beef, ham and pepperoni

Shredded beef, peppers, smoked sausage and chicken tikka

BBQ Chicken, pepperoni and peppers

BBQ chicken, spinach, sausage and sweetcorn

Chicken, mushroom, olives and double cream

Pepperoni and pepperoni and pepperoni

Pepperoni, pineapple and jalapenos

Spicy beef, onion, fresh chilli, sweetcorn and mushroom

Shredded beef, jalapeno, pepperoni and chilli sauce

Ham, sausage, fresh tomato and peppers

Chicken tikka, fresh chilli, spinach, onion and garlic sauce

Peri peri chicken, mushroom, pepperoni, sweet peppers and basil

Spicy beef, peri peri chicken, jalapeno and olives

Shredded beef, spicy beef, pepperoni and spinach

Calzone Pizza

Spicy beef, ham, chicken tikka and pepperoni.

Fried onion, fried mushroom, peppers, olives and sweetcorn

Peri chicken, fried mushroom, jalapenos, shredded beef and spinach



Mixed beef burger, handmade cheeseburger, shredded burger and king special sauce

Grilled fillet and shredded beef, handmade beef, pepperoni and king special sauce

Handmade beef, hash brown, grilled fillet, jalapeno and chilli sauce

Handmade grilled beef burger, topped with cheese and tomato bun and pepperoni with kings special sauce


Grilled fillet and shredded beef and mozzarella cheese and king special sauce


Olives, fried mushroom, peri peri chicken, garlic sauce and spinach

Fried onion, spicy beef, jalapeno and chilli sauce

Fried onion, fried mushrooms, sweet peppers, sweetcorn and basil

Shredded beef, chicken tikka and ham

Smoked sausage, fresh tomato and sweetcorn

BBQ Chicken, peppers and sweetcorn

Side Orders

Garlic Bread

Kids Meal

Salads and Olives

Mixed fresh salad and grilled chicken fillet

Mixed fresh salad, feta cheese, olives, teased with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Mixed fresh salad








Ben and Jerrys

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownie pieces.
Vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough.
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About Piri King
At Piri King restaurant & takeaway located on 21 Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield , Sutton Coldfield West Midlands B73 5UY, offers meals prepared at your request. Browse their menu in the comfort of your home, or even on the train, if ordering via the Supermeal App. Simply fill your order basket with whatever tickles your fancy and decide how you would like to pay. Don't forget to let us know if you enjoyed your meal and Supermeal experience by leaving a review. Bon appetite!

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Peri Peri, Burgers, Pizza, Italian, English, Salads, Desserts, Drinks, Chicken

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Cash Payment, Card Payment

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