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Served with pilau rice

Served with pilau rice

Served with pilau rice

Chicken, lamb, potato and egg. Desi style
Served with pilau rice
Tandoori chicken, potato and egg
Served with pilau rice

Served pilau rice

Marinated meat in yoghurt cooked in clay oven and enriched with cream and exotic masala sauce, cream, coconut, almonds, sugar and topped with cheese
Cooked with butter, cream, coconut, almonds and sugar
Marinated meats cooked in a creamy sauce with almond flakes and pistachio
Served with pilau rice
Marinated and prepared with blended spices, peppers, tomatoes, onions in a concentrated sauce
Slightly hot
Hot, prepared with herbs and spices including coriander, mint garlic, green chilli in a rich tangy sauce
A medium dish cooked with selected herbs, spices and beans
Cooked in a sizzling pan with onions, peppers, herbs and spices
A special recipe from Jaipur. A medium dish prepared from tender pieces of chicken, cooked with fried peppers and mushrooms
Spiced and herbed delicately cooked with cream, almonds and house masala sauce in addition with garlic
Marinated chicken cooked with minced meat in egg, very dry thick sauce
Medium hot
Chicken tikka cooked in a creamy sauce and topped with mildly spices minced lamb
A hot dish cooked with Bangladeshi naga pickle



Onion bhaji, samosa and chicken tikka
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka and seekh kebab
A combination of starters

Signature Dishes

Long strips of chicken, cooked with peppers, chilli and tamarind with chefs special sauce. Served with pilau rice, sweet and sour dish

Chicken, onions, tomato, cucumber, green pepper cooked together with pickles special sauce. Dry dish with a touch of sauce

Cooked with fresh herbs and spices, yoghurt, almonds, coconut and coriander. Then garnished with plenty of coriander
Very mild
Cooked with fresh garlic, chilli in a bhuna style sauce and garnished with fried garlic

Tiger king prawns cooked in a pickles own sauce
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken and a king prawn cooked in a clay oven and then topped with medium flavoured sauce and garnished with fried onions, peppers and tomato

Chicken and king prawn cooked in clay oven
Hot dish created by our chef

Premium duck breast lightly spiced and pan fried served on a bed of modhumita (honey glazed) mushrooms in a thick dry sauce
Served with pilau rice
Stir fried chicken with onions, chickpeas and potatoes with a spicy yet sour sauce. Served with pilau rice

Tender fillets of chicken breast marinated in delicate spice and yoghurt, cooked with cashew nuts, sultanas, ground nuts, honey and fresh cream
Very mild and sweet
Lamb, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken cooked in house special sauce, herbs, spices and ginger

Hot and spicy dish cooked with baby peppers and homemade masala
Hot chicken or lamb
Shatkora is a unique citrus fruit from Bangladesh, cooked in a spicy dry sauce

Cooked in a medium homemade sauce with potato and aubergine, served with garlic rice
Trout filled cooked in a medium sauce with courgettes served with pilau rice

Cooked in a medium sauce with cauliflower, aubergine, carrots, potato, tomato, garlic and cabbage, served with boiled rice and chapati

Tilapia fish fillets cooked in bhuna style sauce and served with lemon rice
Medium hot
Tilapia fish fillets cooked in garlic base sauce with garlic and broccoli, served with chilli rice
Nawabi style lamb chops cooked in special Romna pickle's own sauce with garlic and ginger

Tandoori Specialities

Chicken tikka with onions, pepper and tomato
Lamb tikka with onions, pepper and tomato
Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab, king prawn and naan

Traditional Dishes

Balti Specialities

Tandoori chicken, lamb and king prawn

Biryani Dishes

With pineapple

With extra peppers and onions and touch of flavoured pickle

English Dishes

Side Dishes


Spinach and potato

Spinach and cheese


Cheese and peas

Lentils with garlic


Steamed rice

Special and buttered basmati rice

Egg with special basmati, coriander and spices

Vegetables, spiced basmati, coriander and spices

Spiced basmati with egg, peas, onions, coriander and spices

Sweet-coconut, almonds and sultanas

Potato with spiced basmati, coriander and spices

Mince meat with spiced basmati, coriander and spices


Mince meat

Coconut, almonds, sultanas

Mix combination


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At ROMNA restaurant & takeaway located on Unit 1 Moorfield Road , Stratford-on-Avon Warwickshire B49 5DA, offers meals prepared at your request. Browse their menu in the comfort of your home, or even on the train, if ordering via the Supermeal App. Simply fill your order basket with whatever tickles your fancy and decide how you would like to pay. Don't forget to let us know if you enjoyed your meal and Supermeal experience by leaving a review. Bon appetite!

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